Jun 132014
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It’s Sunday, June 15th.  Tomorrow will start the first week in 22 years that I will not be seeing patients for chiropractic care.  There is some sadness to be sure, but at the same time, I’m excited for the challenges of a new career.  My move is into the world of internet technology, where I will be a part of the strategy team for an emerging company in the domain registry space.  Though no longer in practice, I will always remain a Chiropractor in my hands and heart.

In looking back on my chiropractic career, I give credit to my father, who brought me into this profession as a child.  I learned a lot from Dad’s legacy.  I can honestly say that I will not miss Medicare or the commercial health insurance companies one bit.  But I will miss my patients, and the many wonderful times we’ve shared.   Just a few nights ago we shared a terrific evening at the office, where we said our goodbyes.















Just a few takeaways I have learned and experienced in practice:

–  Chiropractic is a profession built not upon status, but upon success where medicine failed those in pain.  

–  The power of a chiropractic adjustment is awesome, and at times life-changing. 

–  Chiropractic IS NOT ‘Alternative Medicine’.  It is not a part of the medical profession, nor is it alternative to anything. 

–  As a chiropractor, you need to have a thick skin and not worry about being on par with medicine.  Most people will not call you ‘Doctor’, nor will the masses hold you in the same esteem as a surgeon or specialist.  Selflessness is always better than narcissism, especially in this profession.  

–  Many patients, and unfortunately many family doctors know very little about how to evaluate the health of the spine.  This leads to patients coming in far later for care, so that instead of just pain they also bring in joints that have irreversible damage.

–  If we could MRI patients proactively, so that disc and joint issues could be detected even before pain came, it would help the health of our country tremendously.  It would also decrease back and neck surgeries, as well as joint replacements.

–  Chiropractic is a profession built upon results and referrals.  

My wife Nellie and I came to Richmond in 1996, to begin our new married life.  We walked into this empty space, which had formerly been a popcorn store, and immediately knew that this was going to be the place.  We brought in contractors, and helped to paint the office during the days, and I went door to door to many hundreds of homes in the afternoons and evenings.

In my years of practice, I always held to the mantra that you could never ‘out-give’ yourself or your talents.  I worked hard to educate and to help people learn about chiropractic – and the difference it could make for them and their families.  The time spent helping many thousands of patients will bring me many good thoughts for my remaining years on this planet.

Now I leave what I’ve built to another doctor who will carry on the same tradition of giving for the sake of giving, serving for the sake of serving, and loving for the sake of loving.  That’s chiropractic.  It’s about the people you meet, the experiences you and the patients share, and the ability to use only your hands to effect the body’s inner healing to occur.

With that, I’d like to:

–  Thank God for giving me good hands, and the ability to use them – and my mind properly.

–  Thank my Dad for getting me into chiropractic.  Dad was a pioneer in this profession, when there were still states that didn’t allow for chiropractic licensing. Dad will be missed.

–  Thank my loving wife Nellie for giving me the support I needed to start this practice, and the diligence and persistence she lent during its many years of success.

–  Thanks to all of my staff over the years, and most especially Elaine Larry, who was the most helpful and most loved of all of my staff.  She may work for me, but we call her and her husband dear friends.

I will miss my patients very, very much.  It has been a complete privilege taking care of them.  If practice has taught me anything, it’s taught me that people need to hear the message of chiropractic.  My chiropractic philosophy is a reflection of my personal life experience as a chiropractic patient, provider & educator.  The many miracles that I have witnessed and my passion to see the next generation become less chemical-dependent and avoid surgery have been a daily driving force.


With gratitude,

Dr. Stephen Ambrose, DC

  9 Responses to “The End of An Era”

  1. Good luck on your move and great success in your new ventures

  2. Steve and Ellen–

    Please stay in touch with us and keep us posted about how things are going with new activities. You all are still “family” to us, you know!

  3. Dr. Ambrose,

    Thanks for the tremendous difference you made in the mobility of my neck and in my outlook on life. I’ll always remember your wit, kindness, and skill. Wishing you and your family all the best in your new home and new profession!

    Hope you’ll stay in touch with us old patients and let us know how you’re doing. Think of me when you go near La Quinta.


  4. You will be greatly missed you have special talents. Hope Dr. Brown can come close. Have a safe trip and new beginning.

  5. Former Dr. Ambrose….

    I avoided back surgery and my leg pains are gone because of you. Can you make sure Elaine doesn’t forget the extra time on the back machine you “always” allowed me to have? Also, can you let Dr. Brown know that I got first dibs on the old back machine when he is ready to replace it! I intended on attending the reception but Elaine did not give me my customary “reminder” call! :-)

    Tell Ellen when I visit Cali I will stop by for some chocolate cup cakes!

    Have Fun!

  6. A big thank you for the personal interest you showed me during a very difficult time in my life! I will always remember the love and prayers you, your wife and Elaine sent up for me during the past two plus years. My serious illness followed by depression and my Mom’s death were eased by your chiropractic care and sincere concern. May God go with you and bless you far more than you could ever hope or think!

  7. Dr. Ambrose:

    Congratulations on starting a new chapter in life, and for having a wonderful career as THE BEST chiropractor. Cleve and I are so thankful to have been your patients. Thank you so very much for working your magic on our backs and getting us back into tiptop shape.

    You will be greatly missed, however we wish you and your family continues success and growth.

    Much Respect!
    ~Ashley and Cleve

  8. Great blog. I am sure Fathers. Day was bitter sweet there in LA.
    Well my first day without Dr. A, yes you will always be Doctor to me, was STRANGE. No. Singing! OH you did shut off XM! HEE HEE!
    You do know it will never be the Same!
    Thank you. Thank you for Nine Special years under your care and as your CA.,Friend, and side kick!
    Dr. Brown and I will make you Proud at the Practice you created. For Now anyway.
    Blessings to you and Ellen and kids.
    You. Are MISSED and LOVED. Elaine.

  9. I will always call you Dr. even though I am a former patient I am very thankful you helped me understand the power of chiropractic care. I can tell you it has been immensely helpful for me! I wish you nothing but the best and I am sure your charismatic and upbeat personality will drive much success in your next endeavor! Thank you very much!!

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