Jun 272015
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“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”

                                                                             – Buddha


The last time I stumbled upon something I thought would change the world, I looked to patent it.  This however is something altogether different – and worth sharing. Its use keeps sanity, helps relationships and promotes peace and harmony.

It’s a universal truth that I am calling the ‘Effect’ effect.

For me, I found it during my recent vacation.  I took it for a test spin over the last week, put it in action and can confirm the difference.  Simply put, I believe this to be a way to empower our lives, so that we can gradually push away from those things that make us unhappy.

The Effect effect plays off the very real human need to gain a sense of control.  Consider all the times that we worry, harbor fear and anxiety, go through depressingly down times, or lash out at someone in anger.  How often is it because we are not pulling the strings, on events, actions and reactions from friends, family and colleagues?

The simple formula for the Effect effect is below.



Universal truths are often simple to appreciate and understand.   The difficulty, especially in employing them, comes in their simplicity.  When something cuts through the excuses that we can make, it leaves us only with having to make a decision to use or not use it.  In this case, you are using this to train your mind to break away from needing to control outcomes.  As that dissipates, the negative effects gradually lessen, and your psyche and relationships improve.

The Effect Effect has three steps, in any stressful or unhappy situation you encounter:

1.  Ask yourself if you, or any action you take, can really have any effect on the outcome.  Be honest here, even if the answer causes feelings of frustration, anxiety, worry or anger.  This step may take time, even a long time to complete.  Remember, the hardest part of employing a universal truth in your life, is getting started.

2. Based on your prior answer, make a decision AND take the corresponding action.  Keep in mind that leaving something alone, or mentally checking out of a situation, is also a powerful action step.  Leaving the individual or situation alone, doesn’t mean that you stop caring or loving.  It is in your decisions and actions that your life and destiny is shaped.  Making poor decisions and taking improper actions, based on the previous question, will ultimately feed into more anxiety, frustration, anger, fear and depression.

3.  Push through the guilt.  If you have feelings of guilt from your decision and action, it is because you are attached to judgment, and that judgment is coming from outside of you. You are on a journey, just like everyone else on the planet.  You deserve happiness, healing and growth.  The stronger you are, the stronger you will be for others, and in your own future.

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